Lawn Care Tips

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your lawn in top condition all year long. These are also practices that we follow as your local lawn care profesianal, and would love to make you one of our satisfied customers for life.

Mowing height. 

Mowing your lawn to the proper height of 3 to 3 ½ inches, and only cutting a 1/3 of the blade length is key to a healthy lawn. Cutting your grass to the right length promotes better root growth, provides much needed shade for the roots and helps keep weeds under control.


Mulching your grass clippings instead of bagging them is great in many ways. Mulching provides a natural nutrient source for your grass with every cutting and helps to retain moisture and keep grass roots cool. Bag in the spring and pick up excessive amounts of leaves if needed.


Watering you lawn 2 to 3 times per week and getting the right amount of water down is far better than watering a little bit every day. Allowing the soil to dry between watering forces your grass to grow deeper roots and creating  a much healthier stronger lawn.

Feeding your lawn.  

Fertilize your yard in the spring and in the fall for optimal results, and do not over fertilize or you may do more harm than good. Spray for weeds when they are present. We have found that simply spot spraying for most lawns is the best approach.

Core aeration. 

Aeration is a great way to safely break down some of the thatch layer, provides more oxygen and nutrition right to the roots of the grass and elevates pressure on a compacted yard allowing for better root growth. For an added benefit, ask us to over seed your yard.

Use these tips so you can have the best lawn on your block, or better yet call us and we will do all the hard work for you and you can just enjoy your well manicured lawn.