Lawn Mowing Mandan


Lawn Mowing Mandan Exclusive 10 Step Spring Cleanup service brings hundreds of homes and business to life every spring.

If you’re going to do one thing for your landscape this is it. You’ll view your property with pride as our professional landscapers astound you with their attention to detail.

Did you know?

A spring cleanup isn’t just a matter of trimming some edges and throwing down mulch. There are 10 specific steps our pros take on each project to ensure your 100% satisfaction

Lawn Mowing Mandan 10 Step Spring Cleanup.

  1. We inspect all the plants for signs of disease and damage. Prune out dead and broken branches. Then prune plants for shape as needed.
  2. Remove all of the debris from the beds. Including trash, leave, twigs ect.
  3. Pull the weeds.
  4. Edge the beds to 2-3” in depth. Edge the concrete and paved surfaces so that mulch doesn’t spill out into driveway later on.
  5. Cultivate the existing mulch by turning it. Thin areas exceeding 2”.
  6. Clean up any mess made on pavement so that dirt and debris don’t get mixed in with fresh mulch later on in the process.
  7. Fertilize the plants with a balanced fertilizer.
  8. Apply herbicide weed barrier to prevent new weed seeds from germinating.
  9. Install the mulch over all the beds so that finished depth of existing and new mulch equals 2”-2 ½”. (You’ll notice that we keep mulch away from tree trunks, shrub bases and perennial crowns. Since mulch is actively decaying to put nutrients back into the soil it will also decay the living tissue of your plants. Mulch piled around trees and shrubs is a leading cause of plant death in the landscape.)
  10. Thoroughly clean up. This includes the driveway, sidewalks, patio, deck, and even the street.


Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy, strong and beautiful is Essential!

Often overlooked, pruning is one of the most important parts of maintaining your landscape investment.  Selectively pruning the right branches at the right time will keep trees and shrubs youthful and vigorous. Conversely, improper cuts and pruning at the wrong time can seriously harm the plant’s health and appearance.

Since there’s no one size fits all approach to pruning,Lawn Mowing Mandan landscape professionals asses needs on an individual basis and custom tailor solutions based on your plants condition and budget.


Weed Control Service

You’re a busy person with a lot on your plate. Pulling weeds is a waste of time. Leave it to Lawn Mowing Mandan to keep your garden weed free all season long.

Did you know that pulling certain weeds will actually cause the problem to get worse? Lawn Mowing Mandantechnicians are trained in weed identification, herbicide selection and proper application techniques.  This year, use Lawn Mowing Mandan Weed Control Service and come home to a weed free landscape you can enjoy.