Lawn Maintenance Bismarck

We have found most people simply want a better looking lawn than what other lawn care companies are able to provide. Of course, the higher quality lawn fertilizers, weed control, grub worm and insect control products as well as the application techniques required to accomplish this cost a little more. Therefore, Lawn Maintenance Bismarck is not the cheapest lawn care service in the  area.

Lawn Maintenance Bismarck : Proper lawn application techniques = better service. How many times have you seen other lawn companies rush through a lawn as though it were a race? Our technicians are not over committed and have time to thoroughly examine your grass and treat your lawn properly.

Healthy, thick and green grass. Our lawn fertilizers, weed controls, grub and insect controls are custom selected for your lawn’s needs. These decisions are based on recent weather and temperatures, your lawn maintenance practices, soil type, grass variety, lawn insect activity, the presence or risk of lawn disease, sun, shade and a variety of other factors.

Lawn Maintenance Bismarck : Your lawn will grow slower. We do not over stimulate lawn growth in the spring when the lawn is already growing amazingly fast due to spring rain. Furthermore, Essential is the only lawn care service company in the  area offering a plant growth regulator known as “Slow Grow” in our Platinum Lawn Maintenance Bismarck Package. This is the same product used on golf course fairways and putting greens throughout area.

Natural based lawn fertilizers. We include natural based fertilizers in our Gold and Platinum packages to stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil which will help the grass roots access organic matter and nutrients more efficiently. This results in greener and lusher grass with fewer lawn disease, weed and insect problems while improving health and vigor.

Proper amounts applied. Many lawn care companies will reduce the amount of fertilizer or weed control they apply to your lawn to offset their “discounted” services. Or they rush through the lawn to spread the product out further. FYI 20% less fertilizer applied can result in 50% to 75% less color. 20% less weed control applied can result in no weeds control at all.